Air Conditioners Enhance Your Comfort

Air conditioners and heat pumps both work to cool your home down to a comfortable temperature—and high-efficiency units improve your indoor comfort without wasting energy. We can help you determine which air conditioner or heat pump system is right for you, and then install it.

HVAC repair man checking gauge on air conditioner

Air Conditioner Installation

When you choose a reliable company like ours, you choose professional air conditioner installations that guarantee your indoor comfort. Our team of technicians will assess your home, family, and budgetary needs to ensure the correct cooling unit is selected—then install it and make sure everything functions correctly. The selection of a proper, efficient system and professional installation can save you money on energy bills and is a great opportunity to improve your family’s comfort.

288 Heat Pump
Evolution System®
Evolution System®
Preferred Series®
Legacy Line®
SEER Rating Up to 19 Up to 19 Up to 16 Up to 13
Efficiency vs 189/288 Most Efficient Most Efficient ~13% Energy Loss ~32% Energy Loss
Cooling Stages Variable Variable 1 1
Cabinet/Coil Protection DuraGuard Plus DuraGuard Plus DuraGuard Plus Deluxe Wire Grille
Cabinet Design AeroQuiet II AeroQuiet II Basket Basket
Sound Rating (x Quieter than 113) 50x 50x 3x
Can Replace Basement Dehumidifier At Temps >40° F At Temps >40° F
Recommended Thermostat Connex/Evolution (Included) Connex/Evolution (Included) HouseWise or Single Stage
(Not Included)
HouseWise or Single Stage
(Not Included)
Standard 10 Year Parts Warranty

Labor Warranty Starting at $1075 Starting at $475 Starting at $475 Starting at $475
Price $5100 – $6800 $4260 – $5500 $3000 – $3950 $2560 – $3450