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Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could heat and cool your house with one system? With a heat pump from Air Tech Heating, you can make that thought a reality. Discover more about these handy systems below—and call us today to see if one is right for your Fond du Lac or Ripon home.

What Is a Heat Pump?

Even though this dual-use system provides both heating and cooling, it’s called a heat pump because it uses heat energy to keep you comfortable. When it’s cooling, it pumps heat energy out of your home—and vice versa when it’s set to heat. Heat pumps even act as dehumidifiers by removing excess moisture from your home. This can help it feel cooler even when your thermostat is set to a higher temperature.

Does Your Heat Pump Need Service?

If you notice any of these signs, you may need an HVAC expert to come take a look at your system:

  • The outdoor unit or thermostat isn’t working
  • There’s been ice or frost on the unit for more than a day or two
  • You haven’t scheduled annual maintenance in more than a year

Combine Your Heat Pump With a Furnace for Maximum Comfort

Some homeowners prefer to pair their heat pumps with a furnace or boiler for optimal heating—especially with the frigid winters we have in Wisconsin. However, you don’t have to worry about pairing it with an A/C in the summer. Heat pumps typically perform better than air conditioners and don’t use as much energy to keep you cool.

Trust the Bryant® Experts at Air Tech

Want to know if a high-efficiency heat pump system is right for you? Call or contact us today. We’ll explain your options, as well as other energy-saving heating and cooling methods. Ask us about programmable thermostats, ductless split systems, and zoning to take total control of your home comfort.