Even though this dual use system provides both heating and cooling, it’s called a heat pump because it pumps heat energy to keep you comfortable. When it’s on the cooling function, it pumps heat energy out of your home. When it’s on the heating function, it pumps heat energy into your home. It also acts as a dehumidifier and removes excess humidity from your home, making it feel cooler even when your thermostat is set at a higher temperature.

Technician repairing heat pump

When to Call an Expert for Heat Pump Service

Heat pump breakdowns can strike at any time—here are a few signs to watch out for:

  • The outdoor unit or thermostat is not working
  • Ice or frost is on your outdoor unit for more than a day or two
  • Annual maintenance hasn’t been performed in over a year

Is It a Good Idea to Combine a Heating System With a Heat Pump?

Some homeowners prefer to pair their heat pump with a furnace or boiler for optimal heating, especially with the deep cold winters we have in Wisconsin. You will still reap the benefits in summer because heat pumps typically perform better than most air conditioners and don’t use as much energy to keep you cool.

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