Air Tech Heating recommends and installs indoor air quality products to improve your health and comfort. Our experienced technicians will evaluate your current air quality and make tailored suggestions designed to reduce allergies, control humidity, and alleviate warm and cold spots throughout your home. Below is an overview of the different types of products we offer:

Thermostat controls explained by Bryant technician to homeowners

Humidifiers Add Moisture

A whole-home humidifier adds moisture to dry air to maintain a comfortable humidity level, between 35 and 50 percent. Because humidified air holds warmth better, humidifiers make the air feel warmer at lower temperatures during cooler months, which saves you money on energy bills. Humidifiers also limit germs from spreading, protect wood surfaces from cracking, eliminate static electricity, and prevent dry skin and nosebleeds.

Dehumidifiers Remove Moisture

Summers in Fond du Lac can feel quite muggy. But you won’t feel a thing indoors when you pair a dehumidifier with your air conditioner. It removes excess moisture from the air, allowing you to feel more comfortable even with your thermostat set at a higher temperature.

Air Purifiers Clean the Air

Does your family suffer from allergies or asthma? An air purifier might just be the solution you are looking for because it captures and kills nearly 99.9 percent of airborne contaminants that circulate through the ductwork in your home. It’s one of our most popular options for good reason.

Thermostats Control Your Temperature

In order for your heating and cooling system to work the way you’d like, you need a thermostat that can control them. Whether you have a standard, programmable, or Wi-Fi thermostat, our seasoned pros will help you adjust it to the proper settings for ultimate comfort.

Air Ventilators Replace Stale Air

Rather than opening the windows for fresh air, install an air ventilator that will have a greater effect while minimizing energy loss. These incredible systems introduce fresh, pre-conditioned outdoor air into your home while simultaneously removing stagnant indoor air, which can reduce allergy symptoms and headaches.

Zoning Improves Hot and Cold Spots

Adjust each area of your home to the perfect setting with a zoning system installation. Instead of suffering with uncomfortable rooms, zoning alleviates hot and cold spots, reduces energy bills, and decreases excess wear on your unit.

UV Lights Kill Germs

Most homeowners don’t realize that the dark, inner coil of their air conditioner is the prime location for mold and bacteria growth. But these irritants don’t stand a chance with UV lights installed which eliminate these contaminants, enhance your indoor airflow, and keep your system running efficiently.

Have questions? Call our experts at 920-924-6742 for advice on which air quality system is best for your Fond du Lac or Ripon area home.