How You Can Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home Today

From personalized temperatures and humidity to fresh, clean air, you’ll be happy to know indoor air quality solutions have come a long way. No matter the time of year, Air Tech Heating and Bryant® will do whatever it takes to provide you with better indoor air and total home comfort. Discover more about our air quality solutions below, then call 920-924-6742 for service.

Air Purifier installed and explained by Bryant technician to homeowner

Air Purifiers Remove Virtually All Airborne Contaminants

While anyone can benefit from an air purifier, these systems work best for those who suffer from respiratory ailments like allergies or asthma. Purifiers work like a supercharged filtration system, eliminating as much as 99 percent of the airborne pollutants (both visible and invisible) in your home or commercial building. The results are cleaner air, better health, and a fresher-smelling home.

Bryant technician installing a new humidifier filter

Whole-Home Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers Add or Reduce Moisture When Needed

Did you know the ideal humidity inside your house should be between 35 and 50 percent? Air Tech Heating can help you land right in the middle. Our humidifiers add moisture to the air during those uncomfortably dry winters while dehumidifiers reduce sticky air in the warm months. No matter what moisture challenges your home faces, these systems can help keep moisture at the right levels throughout the year.

Air Ventilators Bring in Fresh Air All Year Long

Your family deserves to breathe fresh air year-round. Air ventilators work no matter the time of year to bring in pre-conditioned fresh air while simultaneously getting rid of stale air in your home. These systems not only help clear odors but can also expel allergens, radon, and other airborne contaminants that impact your family’s health.

Bryant technician showing homeowner how to program new wifi thermostat

Wi-Fi Thermostats Give You More Control

Whole-home heating, cooling, and humidity control at your fingertips? That’s the promise of Wi-Fi thermostats. Controlled straight from your smartphone, these devices connect to your furnace and air conditioner, giving you multiple options to coordinate your home’s total comfort. By setting temperature and humidity levels to fit your daily schedule or zones (if you have them), you’ll create a more energy-efficient household while enjoying comfort the way you like it.

For Better Indoor Air Quality, Connect With Air Tech Heating

We understand that every home is different. That’s why we’ll take the time to understand the air quality challenges your Fond du Lac or Ripon home faces—it’ll help us provide a customized solution to meet your specific comfort needs. Ready for installation? Contact our friendly professionals today at 920-924-6742 or send us a message.