Whether you need a furnace replacement in your existing home or a brand-new installation for a new construction build, you can count on the experts at Air Tech Heating to provide honest service. Our knowledgeable and experienced experts will guide you through every step of the installation process, including helping you choose an energy-efficient heating system to stay comfortable.

technician installing furnace
Seasonal promotions are available to help ease the burden of buying a new system. We also offer available financing, subject to credit approval.

A Precise Heating Installation Makes All the Difference

If you notice your system isn’t working as well as it used to, is over 15 years old, or has needed more frequent costly repairs, it may be time to consider a furnace replacement. A new, highly efficient furnace can make a substantial difference in your home comfort and also lower utility bills, but that doesn’t mean anything without a perfect installation.

Our knowledgeable technicians will assess your current unit, accurately measure your space for the proper size furnace you need, and inform you of the different unit options so you can make an educated decision that fits your lifestyle and budget. Once we’re ready to install, we will custom fabricate ductwork for a seamless fit and improved efficiency.

Evolution System®
Evolution System®
Preferred Series®
915S Legacy Line®
Gas Efficiency Up to 98.3% Up to 96.3% Up to 95 – 96%  Up to 96.2%
Electrical Efficiency Highest High Mid-Range Lower Mid-Range
Sound Best in Class Ultra Quiet Quiet Normal
Motor Type Communicating VSPD-ECM *Most Efficient* Communicating VSPD-ECM *Most Efficient* VSPD PWM ECM Good Efficiency Fixed Speed
Heating Stages Modulating (60 Stages) 2 Stages 2 Stages 1 Stage
Room Temp. Swing .5° Comfort 1° Comfort 2° Comfort 3° Comfort
Blower Motor Speed 300 – 1300 RPM 300 – 1300 RPM 600 – 1200 RPM 600 – 1200 RPM
Thermostat Included Connex Control Included Connex Control Available with EcoBee3 Available with EcoBee3
Standard 10 year Parts Warranty
10 Year Labor Warranty Starting at $425 Starting at $425 Starting at $425 Starting at $425
Furnace Comparison Chart

A New Furnace Deserves Proper Maintenance

Just like any machine, a furnace needs annual maintenance to work as safely and efficiently as possible. That’s why we recommend annual cleanings and inspections. Preparing your system with a thorough cleaning and new air filter before winter hits will help it keep up with the brutal temperatures and reduce the need for repairs. Sign up for our maintenance agreement and take advantage of all its benefits, including priority service, discounts, free filters, and more.

Wondering if it may be time to replace your furnace? Give us a call at 920-924-6742 for a free in-home consultation and expert advice.