No matter which type of heating system you have in your home, the knowledgeable technicians at Air Tech Heating can perform a timely repair if things go wrong. We service all makes and models of gas furnaces, boilers, ductless systems, and heat pumps.

Seasonal promotions and 24-hour emergency service are also available to give our Fond du Lac and Ripon area customers peace of mind.

furnace repair with homeowner and repair man

How to Determine If It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Furnace

We understand that cost is a big factor in whether you repair or replace your system. Our knowledgeable technicians will help you save money with reliable repairs when it’s safe and practical. But once your system is beyond the point of repair or the cost becomes too expensive, we’ll recommend a furnace replacement. In some cases, a new installation is more cost-effective in the long run than the cost of a repair.

Annual Furnace Maintenance Keeps Your System Running Efficiently

Proper maintenance is key in extending the life of your furnace and reducing the need for repairs. Once all of the dirt and dust buildup is removed and your air filter is replaced, your furnace will work more efficiently and eliminate pollutants that may be circulating throughout your home.

Annual maintenance is also a great opportunity for us to catch minor issues before they turn into larger problems. A broken furnace that goes unnoticed can lead to carbon monoxide leaks or a short electrical circuit, which are both dangerous. View our maintenance agreement packages to take charge and protect your furnace now.

Air Tech provides excellent customer service and timely furnace repairs at your convenience. Call 920-924-6742 to schedule your next heating service.