Everyone wants to feel comfortable at home, but it’s not always that simple. When Fond du Lac area homeowners need tips, tricks, and home comfort best practices, they turn to the Air Tech Heating experts. Our professional techs are eager to share their insight and answers to your top heating FAQs. Read through the questions below—if you don’t find what you’re looking for, call our Fond du Lac location at 920-924-6742 or our Ripon location at 920-239-4307, or message us online.

How Often Should I Replace My Air Filter?
It depends on which type of air filter you use. Standard one-inch filters should be replaced every few months, or more often if you have pets, allergies, or someone in your house that smokes. If you use a media or HEPA filter, you can go six months to a year without replacing them or cleaning them. Ask our pros for a recommendation if you’re unsure.

How Often Does My Furnace or Boiler Need Maintenance?
No matter your heating system, you should schedule maintenance every year to ensure a safe and reliable unit. Each year you skip service can cause your system to lose as much as 10 percent of its efficiency. It’s also much more likely to break down and need repairs if it isn’t cleaned or inspected. Investing in maintenance now can help you save on energy bills, avoid a premature failure in the future, and keep your manufacturer warranty valid. Ask about our maintenance agreement to ensure you never miss service.

How Can I Reduce My Heating Bill?
Heating bills can rise in a hurry—here are a few ways you can save:

  • Schedule routine maintenance to keep your system clean and running efficiently.
  • Turn your thermostat down one to two degrees and bundle up with extra layers.
  • Adjust your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise—this pushes rising warm air back down toward you.
  • Make sure all vents are open and not blocked by boxes, curtains, or furniture to ensure warm air circulates properly.
  • Open curtains on sunny days to let the sun’s natural heat warm your home.

When Should I Replace My Furnace?
There isn’t a set schedule for when to replace your furnace—most last 15 to 20 years—but there are a few signs you can watch for. These include uneven heating, high energy bills, and strange odors or noises, To be sure, schedule a professional diagnosis, and don’t wait too long because failing systems can be dangerous. If it’s time for replacement, our experts can provide you with a free estimate.

Which Is Better: A Furnace or a Boiler?
Both are great heating options, and each have their own pros and cons. If your home has existing ductwork or hydronic piping, a professional will likely recommend that you stick with the system type you already have, as retrofitting can be expensive. In new construction installations, trust our professional techs to make a recommendation that’s right for your home and family’s comfort needs.